Mel Rogers

Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, British/Belarus Chamber of Commerce, Belarus

Mel Rogers is an experienced international businessman with a broad range of commercial skills honed in the construction industry. He has been involved with, and led negotiations for new business in most EU countries, North America, Middle Eastern countries as well as in China.

He founded two businesses in the UK, the latter designing, manufacturing and installing feature entrance staircases for corporate headquarter buildings, boutique hotels, retail establishments and exclusive homes throughout the UK and internationally.

He sold his interests in businesses before founding a centre to help young people overcome life controlling substances and promote skills education for those young people who were not unintellegent, but were uneducated.

He is now living in Belarus where he is sharing his experiences with companies and organisations who require change!
He is passionate about demanding enthusiasm within any commercial organisation and for excellent customer care to be standard! He has given talks i Belarus on these subjects to industry groups, investment forums, governmental organisations and most importantly, to students in universities! His message is clear: Building good long term relationships with customers is paramount to the long term development of all organisations in a commercial world where choice is available.

Today he is Vice Chairman of the British Belarus Chamber of Commerce in Belarus, Chairman of Online Class, an internet driven learning platform and more recently has been appointed a member of the Supervisory Board of the Belarus Chamber of Shopping Centers.

He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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