Natallia Nikandrava

Director, National Agency of investment and privatization (NAIP), Belarus

Natallia Nikandrava is the Director of the National Agency of investment and privatization (NAIP). She is responsible for creation an efficient system of attracting foreign direct investments to the economy of Belarus, including by improvement of the privatization mechanism.

During her carrier she worked as auditor and senior finance manager in various private sector companies, including transnational corporations. Over a period of 6 years she was a member of Ernst&Young (EY) team and held CFO position in Belarus. Before coming to NAIP she occupied the vice president position in the Belarussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry managing different marketing and investment projects. She has been a member of Standing committee of Foreign investment advisory council under Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus since 2011 and has involved in the process of creation and revising of investment legislation.

Ms Nikandrava has high education in applied mathematics and world economics.

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